The Nation’s Shoutiest Letter

December 3, 2014

Hey other shoutykids  – HarperCollins Children’s Books ran a competition to look for the nation’s SHOUTIEST letter. They picked this mega-amazing letter written by Amber… and she’s won copies of my book for her WHOLE class!

Dear Georgie Roy,

I am interested in doing art like yours. How long have you been painting for? Also, how old were you when you started doing art?

When I grow up I would like to do art like yours. I want to be like you because I LOVE ART! I am 7 years old and I don’t think I will get as well as you. Have you won any trophies yet?

I hear you like birds, especially geese. Have you stopped doing art yet? I am doing to do art club in year 3. Did you do any sort of art lessons in school when you were a child? Please write back.

Yours sincerely,


Age 7