From Dad to Harry

July 8, 2014

From Dad to Harry
Subject: Your application

Mogulman –

OK – before you think of sending them this, you will need all kinds of other stuff like, A) a finished script, B) a budget of costs to make all your shows, C) a storyboard of the first episode, D) some sample footage of your first episode and, if possible, a letter of genuine interest from somebody who will buy it and broadcast it. The Dragons want to know ALL that before they even THINK about giving you money. Even for chocolate.

Then they’ll ask you how much you hope to sell it for. Then they’ll want to know how much money you will give them when you sell it. When you have all of that, you will be ready for them and they might – MIGHT – help you. But don’t count on it. By the way – how old do you have to be?