Dear Ezeld Trenneman

September 9, 2015


shoutykid snake


From Harry to Ezeld Trenneman

09 September 18:43 BST


Dear Ezeld Trenneman, organiser of The Kernow County ‘Big Cheese’ Cheese Festival, hi there!


You don’t know me, but my dad met some guy in the pub who said I should get in touch to see if you wanted a GREAT new band to come and play at your cheese festival. My dad said The Fluid Druids and The Tankslappers have been booked, but you’re looking for a few more good acts to play in the afternoon.


One last thing – can we bring Mr Slippy? He’s a 9-foot boa constrictor and he makes us look cool on stage. Would that be possible?


Good luck and have fun.