Dear Justin Bieber

September 6, 2015

shoutykid heh heh

From Harry to Justin Bieber

06 September 09:15 BST


Dear Justin Bieber, pop legend and seller of millions and millions of pop records, hi there!


Do you have to be a brat to be a good musician? I’m in this band with this kid called Kevin, and he’s the worst behaved kid I’ve ever met. Today he blocked up the school toilets with loo paper, then he disappeared for an hour at lunch and when he finally turned up, he told me that school food sucks so he went out to Morrison’s to buy a tuna fish sandwich.  Kevin says you have to be a bad boy if you want to make it BIG in the pop business. Is that true?


Please GBTM soon.


Good luck and have fun (you probably are anyway).