My Letter to Santa

December 22, 2014

 Tresinkum Farm
Cornwall, PL36 OBH

Santa Claus,
The North Pole,
Arctic Circle

Dear Santa (or would you prefer Father Christmas?),
hi there –
Mum says if I write you a letter with my Christmas list, maybe when you swing by north Cornwall, you’ll come down our chimney.

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The Nation’s Shoutiest Letter

December 3, 2014

Hey other shoutykids  – HarperCollins Children’s Books ran a competition to look for the nation’s SHOUTIEST letter. They picked this mega-amazing letter written by Amber… and she’s won copies of my book for her WHOLE class!

Dear Georgie Roy,

I am interested in doing art like yours. How long have you been painting for? Also, how old were you when you started doing art?

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Top Tips: How to be AWESOME at World of Zombies

November 7, 2014

1. Do head shots, not gut shots. Shoot ’em in the gut – you waste all your ammo. Shoot ’em in the head, that zombie goes down and he doesn’t get up.

2. Play with other people. Fighting off the zombie apocalypse is a tough job on your own. But if you can get somebody like Walnut to cover your back, you will have a MUCH better chance of survival.

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