Ransom Note from Charlotte

July 4, 2014


This is a ransom note. Do NOT tell MUM or DAD. I have kidnapped your cuddly monkey. Do as I say and the monkey will be returned to your bed at the end of Spencer’s stay this weekend. You got that?

My demands are:
1) Be nice to Spencer.

2) Treat him like the brother you wished I was.

3) Let him use your Xbox when he wants (but do not get into a marathon zombie shoot-out, or I will take the Xbox and you will never see it again).

4) Do not complain when Mum puts him in the spare bed in your room.

5) Don’t eat all the pancakes on Sunday.

Do all of these things and I will return your stupid monkey (without pulling off his arms or showing Jessica a picture of you and that stupid monkey). Remember – I am your EVIL SISTER, but stop leaving ‘Come Visit Australia’ brochures outside my bedroom. I HATE Australia.

Good luck and have fun, you little idiot. HA HA HA HA!