To Pups re. My Movie

June 18, 2014



From Harry to Dad

I can never find you cos you are always out in your office working, or out walking the dog, so I thought maybe I could mail you. Here’s what’s going on. I think you and me need to make a really cool ZOMBIE film (like an animation?), which we could then SELL to TV and get this family out of TROUBLE.

When I told Mum this was my plan, she thought basically it was sweet, but I don’t think she heard me cos zombie films aren’t sweet, are they? And besides, she was trying to fix the washing machine, so I don’t think she was really listening. So I told it to her again and she said, “Why does it have to be a zombie movie, Harry? Why not a little doggie movie? Or one with farm animals?” I told her all that stuff is boring. Plus, nobody has made a kids’ show with ZOMBIES!!! Mum said, “Are you surprised?” Then she told me I should take the dog for a walk cos I’m an Internet addict and I need to get more exercise or I’m going to turn into a goggle-eyed MONSTER.

I told Mum all kids like me who live out in the country are bored out of their tree, which is why we live online and walking the dog is not going to change anything. Besides, that dog gets enough exercise anyway cos he’s always out with you.

Anyway, then Charlotte comes in and she starts saying all this stuff about how we’ve got terrible money problems and I should be getting my head round moving to a new school, not trying to make a stupid zombie movie. Charlotte said if I wanted to write stupid movies that never make money, you and me would make a great team.

Well, then Mum got angry with Charlotte and told her to be more respectful to you and that everything was going to be fine, and Charlotte laughed like the evil witch she is and said we’re all a bunch of ostriches, with our heads deep in the sand, cos everything is definitely NOT going to be fine.

You know what I think? I think the sooner Charlotte leaves home, the better off we’ll all be. So will you help me make my movie? PLEASE? And if you have time, see how much a ticket to Australia costs.