The time I learnt to ask for help

June 6, 2014


world of zombies image


Kid Zombie: Hi, everybody! I don’t know
who is going to read this, or if there is any
point in complaining, but basically there’s a
guy on our site called Iamgod who is a real
troll and a bully. Does anybody know what I’m
talking about? GB2M soon.

Goofykinggrommet: Harry? You’d
better be careful what you post.

Kid Zombie: Why? He’s a bul—

Iamgod: YO! Did you just call me a TROLL?

Kid Zombie: Oh. Hi, Iamgod!!

Iamgod: You are DEAD!!! You hear me, you
sick little–

Mvpguy: Iamgod? You are about to be

Iamgod: Who’s THIS?

Mvpguy: This is the guy who’s telling you
to pick on someone your own size. You’re not
God, you’re pathetic. And you’re a bully! And if
you don’t crawl back into your dark stinking
pit and stay off WOZ, I’m gonna wup your ass.

Iamgod: You can’t make me LEAVE!!!!

Mvpguy: Yeah? You wanna get
banned???? I can ban you.

Iamgod: You can’t BAN me!!!!

Mvpguy: Oh yeah? Watch. Oh look – I’ve
just given you a 9,999-year ban!!! Like… there!
How you like them apples, MR IAMGONE?

Kid Zombie: Did you just ban Iamgod?

Mvpguy: From any console. Anywhere. For
like the next 9,999 years!!!

Kid Zombie: How did you do that?

Mvpguy: Like I told you – I opened some Wuppass.

Kid Zombie: But only game moderators
have got Wuppass.

Mvpguy: Or FRIENDS of game moderators
– right, Foxblood 24?

Foxblood 24: Indeed!

Mvpguy: There you go, Harry! You kids are
free 2 game!

Kid Zombie: That was AWESOME!!! Thank

Mvpguy: So next time you need some
help – what are you going to do?

Kid Zombie: Ask for help?

Mvpguy: Now you’re learning!