Top Tips: How to be AWESOME at World of Zombies

November 7, 2014

1. Do head shots, not gut shots. Shoot ’em in the gut – you waste all your ammo. Shoot ’em in the head, that zombie goes down and he doesn’t get up.

2. Play with other people. Fighting off the zombie apocalypse is a tough job on your own. But if you can get somebody like Walnut to cover your back, you will have a MUCH better chance of survival.

3. Spend time repairing all your barriers, cos then the zombies can’t get you.

4. Make sure you go down to the Crypt of the Living Dead. Locate the Z10 zombie killer super rifle. This holds 20 bullets and is THE best weapon for quickscoping zombies.

5. Finally – make sure mum and dad understand that to be good at any sport, to get seven elite gaming prestiges, you need to PRACTICE (which is why we need to be able to play all the time! Ha!)


P.S. You can download and print out my Top Tips here. Good luck and have fun!