Top Tips: How to make a MEGA-Amazing Zombie Movie

June 24, 2014



1. If you don’t have enough chocolate to bribe other kids to help make models for a Claymation movie, buy an app for 60p that makes normal films look like stopmotion films (then you can use your family as the actors and not worry about the dog eating your Claymation dad).

2. Make your movie at home (but don’t tell your sister she’s gonna be a zombie. Just tell her it will make her rich and famous, but you REALLY need that shot of her eating SPIDERS. Or your film will bomb).

3. Draw a storyboard of your script. (Which has probably got a lot of you running around the house. And a lot of you looking really scared. And a lot of you being chased by your evil zombie sister.)

4. Make the movie maybe on a Saturday morning when Dad’s not feeling so good. This will cut down on the make-up you need to use for him. Plus, if your sister likes to stay in bed till lunchtime, get her up. Then you won’t have to persuade her to chase you around the house, cos she’ll do it anyway.

5. When you’ve finished making your movie, post it on YouTube. Wait for it to go viral. Then start counting the money.

6. If you get invited to Hollywood to meet movie executives, leave your sister out there – then everyone’s a winner.


PS, you can download and print out my Top Tips here. Good luck and have fun!